Friday, October 26, 2012

This Is the Easiest Way to Start Branding Your Business

The most important items to consider when branding your business is the consistency of your stationery. If you use a logo, it must be presented on every item you use. The paper stock, printing style and ink color must be consistent for all stationery (letterhead, envelope, business card). The only correct change would be the paper stock (paper color, paper weight, style of paper either bond paper, rag paper, laid or linen papers). The most used envelope in business is the 24 lb. white bond no.10 printed regular or window envelope.

Personalized business envelopes should be flat printed (offset) in one or 2 colors, not 4 colors unless your logo is 4 colors. The reason is simple. In this economy, the return on investment is not worth the cost. 4 color printing is expensive even with the reduced costs of digital printing. A smartly designed logo in 2 colors will do the same branding as 4 color without the expense. Spend your money on the logo. It's a one time charge.

White is the most common color for stationery and black ink is the color for type. There are thousands of typefaces to choose from but don't expect every printer to have these typefaces. Stick to the standard ones as Times Roman, Helvetica etc. making your ability to switch printers easier.

Professional people such as doctors, lawyers usually use Helvetica typeface with black ink flat or raised printing.

White bond 20 lb. paper is the business standard. 24 lb is a little heavier and gives a more distinguished look and feel. 25% rag papers is the next step up. Next would be laid or linen papers in any available color. All your business stationery must be on the same paper color and brand. Cranes papers are the most expensive and distinguished. US paper money is printed on exclusive rag fiber Cranes paper.

Your advertising should be on the same paper but with your logo as the first item your prospect will see. If you are using paper it should be the same style as your letterhead.

Consistency is the most important aspect of branding. Your advertising must always be truthful. It's your logo on the advertising and your logo is you.

That extra money you paid for the logo will earn you more than you paid for it.

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