Monday, November 12, 2012

Brand Ambassadors: Key Ways To Ensure Your Staff And Trade Show Reinforce Your Business Image

Whether you're a business working the trade show booth circuit, or simply an organization trying to get the promotional word out to your targeted demographic, chance are you've heard the term "brand ambassador" within your industry inner circle. While many companies only consider brand ambassadors to be high profile celebrities hired to represent a firm, savvy entrepreneurs understand the importance of broadening the definition of this invaluable promotional tool to include both individuals and/or marketing materials/resources utilized by companies in any niche that embody and represent what a business stands for and by.

While a brand ambassador tactic can prove a major differentiator in any marketing mix, it has also firmly established itself as a major weapon in every trade show stand strategy arsenal. If you're currently not considering this approach in your displays for trade shows, it's time to start. Understanding some critical factors to consider with both your staff and stand can help ensure you're optimizing return on investment on this imperative brand-centric solution.

How To Help Trade Show Stand Staff Best Convey Your Corporate Message And Identity

When grooming your team members to become the best representatives of your business, it's important to reinforce several imperative "musts" that need to be adhered to when manning your company booth. First and foremost, thoroughly educate your team on what your business brand is truly all about. Convey a clear, distinct and (most importantly) consistent message to your staff on what your corporate missive is and what your performance expectations of them are throughout the marketing function. Feel like you're not equipped to manage the training appropriately internally? Hire a professional training firm that specializes in brand reinforcement to guarantee that your staff has a firm grasp of how to be corporate representatives while working your trade show stand.

Important Factors To Consider When Using Displays For Trade Shows As Brand Ambassadors

When creating your company trade show stand there are a few significant features to keep in mind throughout the design process to guarantee that you end up with a final product that truly encompasses the business image that you want to convey. Always keep a steady focus on the professional image that your stand offers to passersby. Your expectations of your booth should mirror those that you have of your staff; the final display should always reinforce your image as a polished, poised and professional firm. Never set up a stand that looks shabby and dated - it instantly renders your company as an ineffective (and potentially financially struggling) non-entity!

Additionally, consistency should also remain a priority throughout the design process. In order to truly showcase your best branding efforts, your booth should convey an updated, consistent message. If you still have marketing materials strewn about the booth from previous years/lines, immediately eliminate them. With your trained staff and streamlined displays, you are officially ready to unveil your newest brand ambassadors at the next marketing event.

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